The Nutrition Security Institute is organizing our program efforts around three strategic initiatives, Global Topsoil Restoration, Sustainable Soils Initiative, and Nutrient Dense Food. These three thematic program areas are strategically designed to provide leadership to implement our vision of a global sustainable farming system that produces the nutritionally rich food needed to keep people healthy.

We aim to facilitate the transfer of new sustainable soil science technology to:

Halt the loss of topsoil throughout the world

Restore the health and biological life of agricultural soils

Improve the soils ability to produce nutrient rich food

Program goals are to increase nutritional security in areas where hunger is prevalent by ensuring that a good supply of low cost organic fertilizer is available for food production. We aim to establish fertilizer production facilities that will transfer the new sustainable soil science technology where needed. Increasing the supply of low cost organic fertilizer ensures a dependable supply of healthy nutritious food is available.

This program initiative is designed to accelerate the adoption of new sustainable soil management practices throughout the world. Education and advocacy programs focus on the transfer of new emerging knowledge of the soil mechanisms and their role in increasing key organic soil acids and the re-mineralization of soils needed for the production of nourishing food. Skilled producers able to renew depleted soils through the application of new sustainable soil science help to halt the loss of topsoil.

The ability of farmers to produce safe, healthy, nutritious food is critical to sustaining human health. Without adequate nutrition from food people become susceptible to disease. This program uses incentives to increase the supply of high quality food products that have superior nutrition. Incentives reward growers who produce high quality, nutrient dense food.

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