A Non-Profit Organization engaged in research to restore the fertility of earth’s soils.

Our world is heading towards a major dilemma as we continue to lose topsoil at an accelerating rate. If topsoil loss continues at present rates, it is estimated that there is less than fifty years of topsoil left. Without arable topsoil, the world will lose the ability to produce the nutritional food needed to maintain human health.

Recent discoveries in soil formation processes have lead to new knowledge about the restoration of depleted topsoil and how to prevent the depletion of arable farmland. NSI is working on a global basis to help educate growers, agriculture corporations, NGO’s, and governments on the need to stop topsoil loss and the tools which can be applied to do so.

NSI advocates the return to the oldest proven method of farming known to man, the biological process of biotic fertility. Biological farming is completely sustainable, economical, and yields more nutritious, nutrient dense foods that do not have the toxicity levels common to crops currently produced by commercial agriculture.

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